All of City of Play's workshops are built on a fun-first model, using games and play to help participants get the most out of their experience. Workshops range from a few hours to multiple days, and can be customized to suit groups of almost any size.

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Storytelling and Communication

In this workshop, participants practice expressing themselves through their bodies, their perspectives, and their relationships. Based on the work of Michael Rohd, Augusto Boal, and others, these storytelling games help participants learn to share their ideas, opinions, and feelings with others.


Collaborative Puppetry

Using techniques originally developed by the Handspring Puppet Company, teams of three participants will learn to build and animate a simple puppet. Successful puppetry requires profound listening and teamwork, and participants will need to collaborate to make their puppet come alive.


Building a Playful Mentality

Playing isn't an activity, it's a state of mind. Developing a playful mentality is essential for effective communication, collaboration, and creativity. In this workshop, participants are introduced to a variety of playful techniques, games, and theories, and given opportunities to expand their comfort zone and learn to play deeply with one another.

Custom Workshops

Custom workshops are available for a variety of groups and goals. Please contact us to discuss a custom workshop.