PractiCE MakeS Perfect

City of Play works with community groups, professional teams, public servants, educators, and young adults to integrate the benefits of play into everyday experience. All of our workshops are built on a fun-first model, using games and play to help participants get the most out of their experience and create a strong connection to workshop content. Choose any of our workshops listed below, or contact us to create a custom workshop specific to your needs.

Storytelling and Communication

Clear communication is essential to trust and team work, but many important subjects can be difficult to talk about.  City of Play's Storytelling and Communication workshop helps participants share their ideas, opinions, and feelings with others in a clear and safe way.

In this workshop, participants practice expressing themselves through their words, their bodies, their perspectives, and their relationships. Adapting techniques from leading performative communication experts, these storytelling games help participants play through difficult subjects and discussions, facilitating honest communication without fear of disrespect or being misunderstood.

Collaborative Puppetry

Effective team work requires leading and following at the same time. Without deep listening, teams can lose sensitivity to one another and end up pulling in different directions.

Successful puppetry requires profound listening and teamwork, and participants will need to collaborate to make their puppet come alive. Using techniques originally developed by the Handspring Puppet Company, City of Play's team puppetry workshop teaches participants to attune to the impulses of their teammates, and predict ideas before they are expressed. 

Creating Spectacle - Circle Rules Football 

This fun and dynamic workshop brings teams together to learn, play, and produce a game of Circle Rules Football, one of the best new sports in the world and accessible to a varying level of physical abilities.

Players work together not only to learn and play the game, but to create a spectacular participatory experience including team names, jerseys & banners, play-by-play commentary, and a halftime show. 

Game Invention

Game Invention workshops introduces participants to the skills needed to design new games, engaging a new understanding of rules that promotes responsibility and collaboration.

Building on the basis of fair play and healthy competition, participants think critically about existing games before experimenting, altering, and customizing them, applying a design process and approaching games like collaborative art projects.



Greg Manley

How Adults play and Why it Matters

City of Play Program Manager Gregory Manley is a experimental theater and sport designer, community organizer, and artist. Greg speaks about the importance of play for communities and the intersection of art and sport.  Greg's talk "The Adult Play Cycle: Sex, Drugs, Netflix and Chill" was the recipient of a 2017 Action Grant from the US Play Coalition.

Adam Nelson

Designing Games for Everyone

City of Play Founder Adam Nelson is a designer, systems thinker, and founder of Flywheel, a company that brings game-like thinking to organizational processes. Adam speaks about how games can be designed to accommodate a variety of player types and why we need to create more opportunities to play in everyday life.