MOre Curious

Less Afraid

City of Play produces alternative recreation, community events, and narrative experiences that give you the opportunity to live deeply.


It's more than fun.

Since 2009, City of Play has produced hundreds of creative projects, obscure games, and other-worldy experiences that remind people of their innate ability to play. 

This year, we are embracing the spirit of Carnival with regularly programmed games and special events.

Come play with us, hire us to play with you and your friends, or perhaps we can work together on something that has never been done before...

If you're curious, just stop by the cottage and say hello. For courtesy's sake, give us a call ahead so we know when to expect you.

Yours in good fun,

Greg Manley - Director



Heathside Cottage

416 Catoma St. 

Pittsburgh, PA, 15212


(510) 225 5221