City of Play enhances interactions between people, places, and ideas to support healthier and more fulfilling lives. City of Play began in 2009 to create more opportunities for adults to have fun with their urban environment and with one another. Since then, City of Play has produced hundreds of games and other creative projects designed to help people rediscover the benefits of play.




Adam Nelson - Founder and Creative Director

Adam Nelson is an award-winning game designer and systems thinker, who works to make people happier and cities more fun.


Greg Manley - Director of production

Greg Manley is the creator and Commissioner of Circle Rules Football, a new sport played all over the world.

David Schofield - Marketing and Communication Coordinator

David Schofield is a marketer, designer, and taco truck enthusiast focused on creating meaningful and memorable interactions.

Jordan Brown - Youth Programs Intern

Jordan Brown is a facilitator and designer of children's programs focused in play therapy techniques for local communities.





Mycaiah's mission is to inspire out of school educators, parents, and children, to use physical play as a tool for educational, and social development. 


AMANDA B. LOWE, Ph.D - Lead Researcher

Amanda B. Lowe, Ph.D. seeks to help adults discover play as a vital source of creative integrity, relational bonding and trust, and cultural evolution.