Why Play at Work?

Play is our most important tool for creativity and learning. In an information-driven economy, success hinges on curiosity, awareness, and innovation. It requires courage to take risks, trust for teams to work together, and resilience to pivot and pursue new goals.

Playing at work, whether through a workshop, custom game, or even deeper levels of play, gives teams a profound way to practice working and learning together. 


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"The creative meetings were run extremely well. It is clear when decisions have been made and what we must address moving forward. Our team feels the project progresses with each meeting."





City of Play builds custom games and installations that help players learn new concepts, practice skills, or just have fun. We also develop play-based projects that help organizations activate landscapes, engage community members, and share ideas.



City of Play runs workshops with organizations to build community in the workplace and generate new ideas. City of Play curates a set of facilitated games and creative exercises to help your group discover their potential, and work and play better as a team. 



City of Play helps organizations understand how to use game concepts and playful aesthetics to improve all kinds of interactions. Contact City of Play to discuss custom services, speaking engagements, and more.


"My experience with City of Play was amazing. It totally made me re-examine my understanding what play could be and how important it is to not lose it in my own life."



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