Pittsburgh FireWalk

An Autumn Series of Firelit Revels

Visitors of all ages are invited to gather around public bonfires tended by local purveyors of food, drink, music, story, and all the wonders of the night

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Pittsburgh FireWalk is a series of firelit revels that will ignite the night-time economy by illuminating public gathering spaces in Oakland. Inspired by some of the greatest fire carnival traditions throughout history, each fire will be carefully tended with talented performers, local storytellers, and street vendors of food, drink, and art. Long-time residents, curious students, local business owners, community organizations, and travelers of all types are invited to meet each other in the streets and celebrate the mythical thrill of the Autumn night by firelight.

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The furnaces

The cauldrons themselves will be distinctly designed by artisanal metalworkers in homage to the retired steel mills, iron furnaces, and glass kilns of the region.

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The celebrations will ignite freedom of expression alongside the sounds cultivated by local musicians and the visuals designed by local artists,


We are currently seeking friends & allies for a 2018 pilot season. If you would like to help us make these celebrations come to life, click below to feed the fire.

Email: greg@cityofplay.org    |     Phone: (510) 225 5221