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We've done a lot over the years - here are some of the highlights!
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Fantastic Adventure: Greenfield Bridge


October 22, 2017


The Greenfield Bridge stands astride the Parkway East, connecting Greenfield's retail district to Schenley Park. The original bridge was constructed in the 1920s, and by the 1980s, was falling one chunk at a time onto the Parkway. A second bridge was built beneath it, to catch the falling pieces. The decision was made to replace (rather than repair) the span. The original bridge was demolished just after Christmas, 2015.

The new bridge was completed in October of 2017. Its opening day was marked by public celebration, during which City of Play was invited to host a Fantastic Adventure. Amidst food vendors, civic organizations, and thousands of Pittsburgher's, adventurers searched both of the newly reconnected neighborhoods for strange forest spirits, prophets, kings, and fools.

They searched for treasures once kept in the House of Wisdom and Wonder, to call back one of those two spirits at the formal opening of the bridge. Ultimately, it was the Spirit of Wonder who was called, and who led a procession of adventurers and ordinary citizens alike across the new bridge, to Mayor Bill Peduto, who formally opened the span to traffic.



Winter 2016

The world's largest fully-functional 12 player game of Operation, built in partnership with Visionary Effects for Allegheny Health Network.

Photo documentation of the build can be found on Visionary Effects' website.

Fantastic Adventure: The Return of Zahak



It all started when…

A capstone game for the Come Out and Play festival.

Tag with a story. 

"Fantastic Adventure" comes from the pulp magazine. This adventure was originally titled "The Lamp of Vengeance".

Zahak from the Shahnameh + characters from the Arabian Nights combined into one game - civilization + humans vs chaos + demons/spirits

A future, unborn child.


Stag Hunt: Open Streets

[when in 2016?]

Visible Cities - Special Delivery!

April 1, 2011

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