Library of Projects Past



This is a library of past projects, presented in reverse chronological order (newest first).

Below, you will find images, text, and video documenting our work, arranged by discreet project.


Fantastic Adventure: Greenfield Bridge

greenfield bridge i.jpg

It all started when…

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Fantastic Adventure: The Return of Zahak

October 1, 2016


It all started when…

A capstone game for the Come Out and Play festival.

Tag with a story. 

"Fantastic Adventure" comes from the pulp magazine. This adventure was originally titled "The Lamp of Vengeance".

Zahak from the Shahnameh + characters from the Arabian Nights combined into one game - civilization + humans vs chaos + demons/spirits

A future, unborn child.



[when in 2016?]

The world's largest fully-functional 12 player game of Operation, built in partnership with Visionary Effects for Allegheny Health Network.

Stag Hunt: Open Streets

[when in 2016?]


Visible Cities - Special Delivery!

April 1, 2011

Read about Visible Cities - Special Delivery on Ludocity.