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A firelight AUtumn Carnival

in Allegheny Commons

Inspired by historic Autumn fireside traditions, the inaugural Pittsburgh FireWalk will be a series of Saturday night, firelit carnivals produced by City of Play.

At the center of old Allegheny City, our Hearth will feature a firelit carnival with games, activities, and specialty vendors of arts, food, and drink.

Three wood-burning sculptures will be positioned through Allegheny Commons in a magnificent visiting Public Art installation. These “cauldrons” are each designed and forged by skilled metal-craft artisans from our partners at Rivers of Steel. Throughout the evening, each fire will be carefully tended by local storytellers, musicians, and dancers.

Long-time residents, curious students, local business owners, community organizations, and travelers of all types are invited to meet each other in the streets and celebrate the mythical thrill of an Autumn night by firelight.


October 26th


sharon McCune, RyAN PUSCH, HILL JORDAN, TRACEY TURNER, Jett Downey, toby vann, scott pavelle, jon Riddleberger, Bill Palowitch, and you.

November 23rd



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Join the FIre

The Pittsburgh Firewalk is exclusively financed by a $10,000 grant from the Opportunity Fund. Our production expenses will total at least $14,000. Sponsors and individual donors help us meet our needs, ensure our sustainablility, and realize our vision.

Fires need fuel. At each Pittsburgh FireWalk, we will be selling sustainably harvested firewood to support our efforts and keep us warm. For advanced orders, we will laser-burn a dedication of your choosing directly into the wood. Each dedication will be individually announced by our fire keepers as it is placed in the cauldron.

We are committed to hiring professional artists and amateur performers who can embody the spirit of the Autumn Carnival. Please fill the above form (button) or submit a cover letter and resume to:

Pittsburgh FireWalk calls vendors who have an art & eco forward mission. We accept thoughtful offerings that inspire increased well-being and curiosity.


Call Greg Manley at 510 225 5221

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