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Pittsburgh FireWalk

An Autumn series of firelit revels

Visitors of all ages are invited to gather around public bonfires tended by local purveyors of food, drink, music, story, and all the wonders of the night.

Pittsburgh FireWalk is a series of firelit revels that will ignite the night-time economy by illuminating public gathering spaces in Pittsburgh’s Northside. Inspired by some of the greatest fire carnival traditions throughout history, and more recently by Providence Rhode Island’s WaterFire, the FireWalk will be a regularly scheduled array of bonfires curated by City of Play. Each fire will be carefully tended with talented performers, local storytellers, and street vendors of food, drink, and art. The cauldrons themselves will be distinctly designed by artisanal metalworkers in homage to the retired steel mills and iron furnaces of the region. Long-time residents, curious students, local business owners, community organizations, and travellers of all types are invited to meet each other in the streets and celebrate the mythical thrill of the Autumn night by firelight. We are currently seeking a production cast & crew for the 2019 pilot season which will include three, monthly FireWalks, each with 3 or 4 distinct bonfires.

Informational Meeting

Thursday, June 20th


Allegheny Commons Fountain

(Cedar Ave & North Ave)


Production Manager

Compensation: $600 stipend + 10% of net profit  

Prior to the first FireWalk, you will coordinate the technical requirements of all permits, insurance, safety officers, and performing artists. During the Firewalks, you will manage and assign tasks to all volunteers. Following the FireWalk, you will compile documentation and production details into a formalized report

Marketing Manager

Compensation: $500 stipend + 5% net profit

Your job is to identify all potential stakeholders and then to publicize, promote, and advertise FireWalk Pittsburgh. Once partnerships are contracted, you must recontextualize and repeat publications and promotions within partner goals.

Archivist & Treasurer

Compensation: $500 stipend + 5% net profit

Your job is to manage, organize, and account for all physical and virtual resources related to FireWalk. This includes, but is not limited to: finances, artistic materials, logistic materials, merchandise & documentation. At the conclusion of FireWalk, you will work closely with the production manager and director to formalize the final report.

Cauldron Sculptor (3)

Compensation: $300 stipend including materials

You will sculpt a functioning fire cauldron with a diameter between 3 and 8 feet in homage to a bygone industrial furnace from the Pittsburgh region


Compensation: $500 stipend

The photographer is expected to produce an edit of between 10 and 20 photos for each of the following phases of production: Pre-production, FireWalk #1, FireWalk #2, FireWalk #3.


Compensation: $600 stipend

The videographer will produce a 5-10 minute documentary about the FireWalk process and production

Storytellers (12)

Compensation: $100 stipend

Storytellers will host one bonfire each. Hosting duties include one hour of live storytelling and four hours of firekeeping. Each storyteller is expected to attend a two hour rehearsal prior to their appointed FireWalk.

Musicians (12)

Compensation: $100 stipend

Musicians will perform for at least one hour  in front of at least one bonfire during a FireWalk. Technical requirements must be arranged with the production manager prior to approval.

Dancers (3)

Compensation: $100 stipend

Dancers will perform for at least 30 minutes in and around at least one bonfire during a Firewalk. Limit to one commissioned dancer (or dance group) per FireWalk

Guides (20)

Compensation: 1% Net profit

Guides are masked facilitators of the Firewalk, assisting guests in wayfinding and deep play. All Guides must attend a 2 hour training prior to each FireWalk.

Please submit cover letter and resume to:

Interviews will take place between June 10th & June 21st at:

Heathside Cottage

416 Catoma St

Pittsburgh, PA, 15212


Call Greg Manley at 510 225 5221

Email:    |     Phone: (510) 225 5221