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Thursday, September 19th

CMOA: Intimate Subjects

Pittsburgh-based artists City of Play & slowdanger invite you to enter a landscape of multidisciplinary performances, interactive technology, and immersive adventures that question the meaning of intimacy.


empathy machine (installation) - An installation of responsive light, movement and interaction within the Hall of Sculpture. This performance reframe commonalities surrounding intimacy and embodiment, challenging the observer to sense their own presence in the space. 

subtle viewing - durational performance actions that take place within museum and gallery spaces. Museum patrons will experience the galleries in a completely new way through these in-gallery dance and performance art installations. These subtle encounters allow patrons to create new emotional connections to the artworks on view. 

resonant body - is an installed performance for a limited audience. Audience members are invited to witness and experience via a tactile object that translates a dancer’s motion to vibration and sound waves through sensor technology, electrical current and magnetic drivers.

small precious objects - A game of giving secret gifts to people you will never meet.

The lost crate of H.P. Witherspoon - an infamous puzzle box for small groups

Social Ceremonies - Original, subversive, and participatory ceremonies designed by City of Play

Emotional landscapes -  one-on-one sessions with illustrator Cynthia Lee, allow participants to transform their feelings and emotions into comic strips.


Abdu Ali slowdanger Robert Zacharias Jasmine Hearn

Cynthia Lee Katja-Maria Taavitsainen | MEU 

Gregory Manley Connor Sites-Bowen Jack Kelley                   Ru Emmons               

Mad Recital/Richard Ramirez and Sean E. Matzus

we are Play merchants

City of Play shows up for public gatherings, neighborhoods, workplaces, festivals, and private groups. We know that every event is different, and we are happy to work with you to find the right games to play. That said, we have some standard options…

Pop up Playground


Our minimum offering is a 1-4 hour curation of the existing games in our inventory with two play-workers to assist your players. These could be board games, street games, adult games, shark-jumping games, whatever suits your fancy. We set up the games and play with your guests.

pervasive games


For those seeking a more intense, more facilitated experience, we have a number of pervasive games at our disposal. Here’s a link to a list of pervasive games if you’re curious. These are big games taught to big groups. Everybody gets the low-down, everybody plays together, and everybody celebrates at the end.

Experience Design


If you really want to work with us, we can design and produce original experiences together. You tell us your vision and we’ll make it playable. We’ve designed board games, car-chasing games, immersive theater, civic ceremony, steampunk parades and even a wedding or two. We require at least one month advance notice for original experiences.

Have something specific in mind?

Have a vision that desires to be created?

Want to know more about all that we offer?

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