Coming Up:

Halloween Masquerade

at Heathside Cottage

Sunset (6:18pm) - Midnight

50 players only


Masquerade Code of Conduct

  1. A convincing disguise and mask are required throughout the house and gardens after 8pm. There will be a designated area by the bar where it is permitted to remove your own disguise.

  2. Practice curiosity.

  3. Bring something delightful and meaningful to share. Food, drink, stories, or surprises are welcome.

  4. No player's actions at the masquerade are accountable to their reputation or identity outside of the masquerade.

  5. While in the masquerade, you must not intentionally harm yourself, anybody else, or any property at the cottage.

  6. All interpersonal actions during the masquerade shall respect a safe word. When that word is spoken, all involved parties must immediately stop whatever they are doing and establish a neutral, safe distance from the person who spoke the word.

  7. A person who speaks the safe word must forgive any involved parties for being unsafe.

  8. The safe word is "DESIST"

  9. If you are asked to leave because you have violated the code of conduct, you must immediately gather your belongings and depart.

  10. If driving a personal car to the masquerade, you must park at a lot on the corner of Lanark st. & Rising Main ave. It is a 5 minute walk from the cottage.

If you are able to abide by this code and plan on attending, please make your reservation promptly. Once reserved, you will be invited to an optional mask workshop in the week leading up to the masquerade. It is an opportunity for all players to practice.