Where does the City Spree begin? When do we start? 

Thanks to the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy, the City Spree begins (and ends) at Schenley Plaza in Oakland. Registration starts at 8 am, with the 10K Run beginning at 9:00am, the 5K Walk at 9:30am, and the 5K Run beginning at 10:00am. All races will end back at the starting line at 11:00am.

Is the City Spree a timed race? Does it matter how fast I run? 

Sort of. When you run the City Spree, you're competing to score the most points in the shortest time. You get points by visiting different locations along your run. Checkpoints are roughly evenly distributed across Oakland and the surrounding neighborhoods, and at each checkpoint, you'll text in a code on the checkpoint sign to score your points.

When you get back to the starting point, your points are totaled to give you your score. As long as you make it back before your time runs out, your score counts. Runner in the 5k get an hour to finish, and runners in the 10k get two hours. Walkers get an hour and a half.

So there is timing? 

Yes. We'll record the time between when you start the race and when you text the final finish code in at the end. If there's a tie for points, the shortest time wins.

If there's no course, how do I know how far to run?

As long as you run to at least 6 locations, you'll have run 5 kilometers. And if you make it to 13 locations, you'll have run 10 kilometers. Way to go!

How will I know when I get to the right location? 

Each location is marked by a colorful sign, and some are manned by volunteers. At each location, you'll text a secret code back to race HQ to register your location and update your score. Volunteers will have water and other emergency gear, in case you get into trouble.

How many points is each location worth? 

Different locations will give you different amounts of points, based on how far they are from the start of the race, and how difficult they are to get to. The more people that run to a particular location, the fewer points it will be worth. Where to run is up to you.

Can I see a map of all the checkpoints?  

Not yet! Everybody will get their maps on the day of the race. Checkpoints spread from the Downtown to Squirrel Hill and everywhere in between.

What happens when I come back? 

Party! After you cross the finish line, you'll text a final code to record your time and count up your points. Once that's done you're free to cheer on other runners as they finish, show other people where you ran, and hang out with other racers. Shortly after all racers have concluded, we'll announce winners for each race.

What if I've never run before?  

It's cool. You can run to as many checkpoints as you can handle. As long as you reach the minimum number of checkpoints, you'll have run a 5K or 10K; if you want to run further, or try to hit as many checkpoints as possible, you can keep going until your time runs out.

What if I'm great at running? 

See above.

I've registered for the Spree, but am confused about some of the details. 

You should have received an email from The City Spree with more details and clarifying information (check your spam folder if not). If you can't find the email, get in touch with us and we'll help you out. You can also join the event on Facebook.

What if I want to help, but don't want to run? 

Then you are awesome. Because the City Spree needs a bunch of volunteers to make the race happen! All volunteers receive a free race registration for a friend or family member. Please email if you’d like to volunteer. And thanks!


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