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About City of Play

City of Play creates, produces, and promotes playful ways for people to engage with their city, and with each other. Take a look at some of our programs and projects, and learn more about what we do.


City of Play hosts and supports indoor and outdoor games throughout the year. We find, invent, and play original, new, and obscure sports and games, favoring player interaction over competition. We change rules as we see fit, and usually forget to keep score. There’s no league to join, and most games are free. Check the calendar for upcoming games and other playful events from City of Play and others.


Playful events around town.

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Annual Events

The City of Play's annual events create opportunities for large-scale play and give participants the chance to discover new ways to experiece their city. Select an event below to learn more.

The City Spree

A 5K with No Course.

The Best Games Fest

The Best New Games in the World.

The Game Cafe

The Game Cafe helps people expore the expanding world of truly remarkable board and card games, whether they're expert gamers or haven't played a game in years. With weekly game nights at bars, cafes, community gathering spaces and at private events, the Game Cafe brings great games to great places all over the city, and introduces people to new games they'll love. Check out for more.

The Game Cafe

Remarkable Board & Card Games


City of Play initiatives are projects to improve the quality of urban life and increase civic engagement through play. These projects are designed to give ordinary people the agency to affect positive change in the city, by helping to reimagine their relationship to their urban environment and to one another. Select a project below to learn more.

We Are Here

Third Place documentary and discovery.

Community Lawns

Revitalizing urban spaces through play.

Learn More

Why do we do what we do? Take a look and a listen to a few interviews about City of Play to understand why we think play is so important.

Ignite Talk

Designing games for reality.
(5 mins)

Creative Mornings

How Play Makes a City Better.
(30 mins)

Brunchburgh Podcast

Quality of Life through Play.

Meet the Team

Adam Nelson

Founder and Director

Team Portrait

Adam Nelson is an award-winning game designer and systems thinker, working to make people happier and cities more fun.